Galactic Chat 29 - Narrelle Harris

This week Alex Pierce interviews the ebullient Narrelle Harris,  author, app content provider and mutlimedia maverick. In this interview they talk briefly about Narelle's work on her two apps - Melbourne Literary and Melbourne Peculiar . The majority of the interview, however,  covers Narrelle's latest project Kitty and Cadaver a multimedia storytelling experience featuring original music, a weekly release chapter of the novel with jewelry, art and comic to come.

Note:  There were some issues in the recording of the file, of potential annoyance is mic distortion that Sean has attempted to rectify in post production.  We think the content is worth it but if you have sensitive hearing it will affect your enjoyment.

Here's the summary of Kitty and Cadaver:

Melbourne is a long way from Hungary: a long way from vampire nests and battles against the forces of darkness and the inevitable losses incurred in such battles.

That’s why the surviving members of Rome Burning have fled to this far flung city. They need to rest and recuperate, a long way from the battle they only barely won, and the people they lost while winning it.

Of course, when your job is to fight monsters with music, your work is never really done. Melbourne’s dead are going to see to that.

Kitty Carrasco is a beautician. She works at a funeral home, preparing the dead for their final farewell with family and friends.

One very unusual day, her dead clients sit up and take a bit too much interest in her. It’s unexpected, but Kitty is nothing if not accepting of life’s little foibles. Instead of panicking, she sings to them, like she usually does while working.

Luckily, the dead seem to like this, and listen instead of doing anything more aggressive. Like trying to eat her brains.

And when a couple of musicians show up with remarkably good timing, wanting to know more about her Song for the Dead and telling her they’ve got a mission for her, Kitty is more than intrigued. She’s totally on board for whatever adventures are coming next.

But this band’s last adventure ended up with two dead band members, which is why they need a new lead singer. Is Kitty going to get the hang of this singing magic before what seems to be the Zombie Apocalypse devours Melbourne? And are the band members ever going to stop fighting long enough to save the world?

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Kitty and Cadaver:

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Author Twitter: @daggyvamp


Interviewer: Alex Pierce

Guest: Narrelle Harris

Music & Intro: Tansy Rayner Roberts

Post-production: Sean Wright


Twitter: @galactichat

Email: galactichat at gmail dot com

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