Galactic Chat 17: Joe Abercrombie

This week Sean interviews International Best Selling Fantasy novelist Joe Abercrombie.  Joe was on a whirlwind tour of Australia promoting his latest work Red Country.

In this interview Sean asks Joe about the research required for writing a western and Joe is adamant it had nothing to do with the Whisky Death Match posts at his website.  They discuss the recent industry focussed Genrecon and when its a good idea to use maps in your fantasy novel.

Sean possibly starts a blood feud with the Coode Street Podcast by paraphrasing and taking out of context something that Gary and Jonathan probably never said about Fantasy.  But Joe's answer is informative and witty.  They talk film and the transference of skillsets needed in documentary film editing to writing.  Finally, Joe lets slip about his  up and coming Zombie Romance decology.

Joe can be found on his website.

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