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Galactic Chat 72 Rivqa Rafael

Ditmar Award winning Australian author and editor Rivqa Rafael takes a moment out from an exciting new crowdfunding campaign to talk to David McDonald in the first Galactic Chat of the year.

In this interview, they talk about Rivqa's background as an editor, her own writing, and how the two shape each other. We also get to here about the unique perspective that having degrees in both writing and science brings to Rivqa's work. 

Rivqa also shares her experiences attending Wiscon, leading into a discussion of feminism and intersectionality—including discussing her perspective as a Jewish writer.

And, we hear how we can support an amazing new project from The Future Fire: Problem Daughters.

Problem Daughters will amplify the voices of women who are sometimes excluded from mainstream feminism. It will be an anthology of beautiful, thoughtful, unconventional speculative fiction and poetry around the theme of intersectional feminism, focusing on the lives and experiences of marginalized women, such as those who are of color, QUILTBAG, disabled, sex workers, and all intersections of these.

Problem Daughters Crowdfunding Campaign

Problem Daughters Press Release


Interviewer: David McDonald
Guest: Rivqa Rafael
Music & Intro: Tansy Rayner Roberts 
Post-prod.: David McDonald
Twitter: @galactichat 
Email: galactichat at gmail dot com 
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