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Galactic Chat 67 Kylie Chan

This weeks chat was recorded at Swancon.  Helen Stubbs sat down with well known Australian author Kylie Chan and  discussed a number of topics from author recaps in sequels or series, furry fan service and finally writers and their feline overlords.

Of particular interest to writers would be Chan's discussion around digital self publishing - she's currently conducting her second masters on the topic.

It is a live recording in an auditorium and while the recording is good there is some background noise. At some points members of the audience ask questions and where the mic has picked them up the production team has left them in the recording.

You can find more on Kylie Chan here.


Interviewer: Helen Stubbs
Guest: Kylie Chan
Music & Intro: Tansy Rayner Roberts 
Post-prod.: Sean Wright 


Twitter: @galactichat 
Email: galactichat at gmail dot com 
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