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Galactic Chat 44 Dr Ben Peek

This week we bring you an extended chat between Sean and Dr Ben Peek.  They talk briefly about his big news, the forthcoming fantasy trilogy beginning with The Godless (TOR UK), and how much a departure it is from his well known short works. 

They also talk about his highly acclaimed collection of short stories, Dead Americans and Other Stories from ChiZine Publications.  Other topics include criticism of works in small communities, racism, and the effect of social media on discourse.

He is of course well known in Australia for his works most recently published through Twelfth Planet Press.

Note:  This podcast was recorded a day or so after the "Twitterstorm" (which in itself is a problematic term) since then there has been some interesting commentary on how events unfolded that do shed light on how early the scene begins to reset history or frame events.  Please consider reading The media spin machine at full power or This is totally not what happened | Cora Buhlert.

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