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Galactic Chat 40 Andrew Macrae

This week Alex chats to Dr Andrew Macrae about his debut novel Trucksong from Twelfth Planet Press -  A dystopian science fiction novel about lost love, AI trucks and the search for meaning in a post-apocalyptic Australia.  

They talk about his PHD thesis (which is far more interesting than this sentence indicates), the soundtrack that he and his band put together for the book and the experimental version of the book written entirely in a devolved post apocalyptic language.  The book has been making noise in both  Specfic and Litfic circles.

Book website
Buy the book:
Andrew's music:
Twitter: @acidic


Interviewer: Alex Pierce

Guest: Dr Andrew Macrae

Music & Intro: Tansy Rayner Roberts

Post-production: Sean Wright


Twitter: @galactichat

Email: galactichat at gmail dot com

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